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Empowering Business of the Future

A Force For Change

Aiming to drive global productivity, innovation, and growth by connecting members to a global EcoSystem of information, opportunities, and tools delivering a true global force for change,
resulting in targeted and relevant opportunities.
BizzUniverse’s underlining technology is driven by combining interwoven cross-platform architecture utilizing proprietary algorithms.

Why Now?

The rise of global digital infrastructure and cloud computing combined with a call for independence.

Solutions We Offer

-Member Services
-Universal Job Creation
-International Commerce
-Community Revitalization
-Business Development
-Powerful Networking
-Organization & Productivity
-Discount & Savings

A Formula for Success

Join the Platform
Create Activity
Generate Business & Revenue
Job Creation
Community Revitalization for people around the world.

The Fundamentals  

Entrepreneurship and Community Revitalization are the keys to a better and brighter future.

A Message from our CEO ~ Sam Jakobs

Our Mission is to empower individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners, community organizations and other groups with a technology based networking platform, enabling members from around the world to achieve their goals and realize higher levels of success.

By providing a comprehensive set of features, communication tools and intelligent matching algorithms, anyone can network and grow a global community.

Our Team

Sam Jakobs

CEO / Founder

Mark Crouch

CTO / co-Founder

Dr. Aditya Ganguli

Chief Financial Officer

Devon Yaldell

Production Director / Marketing

Jaron Rabman

Creative Director

Barry Johnson

National Sales Director

Peter Serrano

Web Developer

Neal Waugh

Resource Manager
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